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The Palace Theatre

These guidelines are subject to change. 

During this phase of re-opening the Palace Theatre will limit occupancy of the auditorium to 50% which is 154 persons in the balcony and 158 in the orchestra. Normal capacity is 1572. These numbers have been developed in accordance with all available state of CT guidelines and current social distancing guidelines. All Patrons will be required to wear a mask when they enter and while they remain in the building, except when eating and drinking. No-touch temperature checks will be done on every patron before they are permitted to enter the building. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be permitted to enter. Anyone who is not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the building. The Palace Theatre will have masks on hand to sell at a nominal fee should someone arrive at the theatre without a mask.

Patrons who arrive at the Palace Theatre will be asked to que up to enter the building in two distinct groups. Those who have seats in the balcony and those who have seats in the orchestra. Patrons with tickets in the balcony will be asked to form a line at the entrance to the building that is directly connected to the Grand Stair that goes to the upper lobby. This line will be on Atlantic Street and form going south down Atlantic Street. Those patrons who have seats in the orchestra will form a line at the main entrance and the line will be on Atlantic Street and form going north up the block. The Palace Theatre will have personnel on the sidewalk to instruct patrons and try to ensure that proper social distancing is maintained in the lines while they wait to enter the building.   

Ticket takers and mask/temperature checkers will be stationed at each entrance. These employees will wear a face shield and gloves. Once a patron has entered the building they will be encouraged to go directly to their seats. The floor of the lobby will be marked for proper social distancing and ticket takers will govern patrons’ entrance into the lobby to insure that not too many patrons are in the lobby at one time. Specifically, ticket takers will wait until the previous patron has entered the doors to the inner lobby before permitting the next patron to enter.  Ushers will be stationed at the doors into the auditorium to instruct the patrons where their seats are located and assist them in getting to the seats as necessary. These employees shall wear masks and gloves

When the performance has concluded patrons will be asked to exit the building in a manner that will most effectively maintain social distancing guidelines, specifically:
Patrons in the lower section of the balcony will be asked to exit the building through exit 5 that goes directly to the back-alley exterior of the building. This prevents them from having to pass through the potentially crowded lobby on their way out. Patrons seated in the upper balcony will be asked to exit down the grand stairs directly to the outside of the building, or by the stairs in the old lobby and then out into Kiwanis Park. Old inner lobby will be divided so that patrons coming down from the balcony stay separated from those exiting the orchestra. Balcony patrons will stay to their right and exit the inner lobby through the doors on their right and out into Kiwanis Park, patrons from the orchestra will stay to their left and exit through the left doors of the inner lobby and through the lobby to the main entrance(exit).

Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized prior to each performance.   No more than 2 people will be permitted in any restroom at one time. There will be a restroom attendant who will continually wipe down and bathroom fixtures that are touched by patron or employee hands after each occurrence.    

All Front of house employees of the Stamford Center for the Arts will be required to attend training session to educate them on the policies and guidelines relative to covid-19 prevention.


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